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Two friends, Dave Coleman and Mike McGarvey, came together to start 3 Stars Brewing Company. Their beers are unabashedly bold and brash and often big and boozy. Located up near Takoma, 3 Stars also operates a homebrew shop where homebrewers can get specialty grains and whatever else they need to complete their own brews. 

History (from 3 Stars Brewing website):

Beginning in 2007, Mike and Dave began brewing beer at home and sharing it with their friends and fellow beer lovers.  Although the success of these first attempts was a bit varied, there was no doubt for Mike and Dave that they had come across something that excited their passion.  They devoted many hours of extensive research and recipe development to help them create beers that met their own high standards and had broad appeal. The excited reactions among friends and others to the flavors and quality of these beers convinced Mike and Dave that they had a product and a vision worth pursuing.  In 2009, they started formulating the plan that would eventually become 3 Stars Brewing Company.

Over the next year, work continued on the business plan, the operational needs, additional recipe development, and market research into the craft beer industry.  With their extensive ties to the local market, Mike and Dave were also able to refine their plans for entering the DC market.  They identified space for the brewery in Northwest DC and began renovations to transform the previously empty warehouse into a fully functional brewery.  At the same time, they began to introduce their product line to the local DC market, through collaborative efforts with several highly respected breweries on the East Coast.  These collaboration efforts yielded several important successes in 2011.  The 3 Stars’ Syndicate Saison, developed with Evolution Craft Brewing Company, was released to great reviews at the nation’s second largest beer event: SAVOR.  Later in 2011, 3 Stars worked with the highly regarded Oliver Ales to brew a special rye-based ale for DC’s annual Beer Week festivities – an effort that met with very positive reactions from festival goers.  This beer also won a silver medal in the 2011 Maryland Governor’s Cup competition.  Throughout 2011 and early into 2012, Mike and Dave continued to work on the B.W. Rye Series, a continued exploration of rye as an ingredient in brewing, with Stephen Jones of Oliver Ales. These collaboration beers have received high praise from both media and connoisseurs, and have become proof positive of delivering on the promise of locally crafted artisanal ales of the highest quality.

The company is also committed to being a force for positive change within the local community and firmly believes that this is the responsibility of every local business.  The District of Columbia is afflicted with widespread poverty-based hunger, and we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to end hunger here in the nation’s capital.  We believe that our spent grain program can directly fight hunger in our local community and 3 Stars is working with local chefs and charities to combat hunger through our program.  We hold this commitment steadfast in our future plans, and welcome those who want to work together to end hunger in our city.