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Name: Gordon Biersch
Address: 4 area locations. DC: 900 F Street NW, 100 M Street SE; VA: 7861 Center Street, McLean; MD: 200 E. Middle Ln, Rockville
Type: Brewpub

General Description: Gordon Biersch, which has dozens of locations around the country, has a strong presence in the DMV area. Gordon Biersch largely makes faithful renditions of German styles, but they also make excellent versions of some other styles as well (Rockville’s location produced a GABF-winning Belgian IPA in recent years). All of these locations are particularly adept at producing Kolsch, and Gordon Biersch hosts an annual Kolsch Cup, which is a great event. Be sure to check out each individual brewer's beers at their respective locations as well!

Year Founded: 1988, restaurants sold to CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries in 1999. Area restaurants’ opening dates vary.


  • Golden Export (Helles / 5%) - Light, crisp, very drinkable lager with just a touch of noble hops.
  • Hefeweizen (5.5%) - Traditional German wheat beer with notes of clove and banana.
  • Schwarzbier (4.3%) - Dry-finishing roasty lager with a slight hint of coffee in the finish.
  • Marzen (5.7%) - Traditional German Oktoberfest with a prominent Munich and caramel malt profile.
  • Czech Pilsner (Pilsner / 5.6%) - Assertively hopped with Czech Saaz hops. Medium-bodied and crisp lager.

Notable Non-Flagships:

Vary from location to location. Be sure to check out what each individual Gordon Biersch’s brewers are putting out!

Growlers? Yes

Growler Hours: During normal operating hours.

Tours?: Not formally, though the entire brewhouse is usually visible, so if you walk around you’ll be able to see the brewing operations.