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Name: Handsome Beer Company

Year Started: 2014

Type: Beer company (no physical location; presently contract brewed)

General Description: Founded by a microbiologist homebrewer with a PhD and a long-time area beer director and bar/restaurant manager, this beer company believes “fine beers are structured, graceful, well-made, well-proportioned, and, not least of which, look bold and enticing.  If there is a single word to describe these exceptional ales, it can only be ‘Handsome.’” Their philosophy around beer is ingredient-focused. This means they “put a lot of effort into creating beers around one or two primary ingredients that really showcase their best characteristics.” They say they’re less “We need an amber ale!” and more “How can we make an amazing beer with Galaxy?”


  • Galaxy Saison (5.9%) - “A delicate and tropical version of a Belgian saison, showcasing Galaxy hops from Australia. Aggressive hopping lends strong Galaxy flavors of citrus, white peach, and passionfruit, while the yeast contributes rustic notes and a dry, tight finish.”

  • Medium and Message (Abbey Ale / 5%) - “A nicely balanced and flavorful Moteuka-hopped Abbey ale. New Zealand hops vie for attention with Belgian yeast and malt, lending an unmistakable Belgian feel, but with a lot more going on than your basic Abbey singel. Quenching and delicious with notes of mild melon, white pepper, light citrus, and a touch of spice.”

  • Strange Charm (Brown Ale / 6%) - “A completely re-invented brown ale with a slight Belgian twist. High levels of Special B malt provide nice dried cherry notes, along with hints of chocolate, tobacco, and leather, all supported by a well-textured body and clean finish.”

Notable Non-Flagships:

  • Brett Nelson Saison

  • More coming soon

Growlers? Occasionally at off-premise retailers.