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Name: Portner Brewhouse
Address: 5770 Dow Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22304
Website: www.portnerbrewhouse.com
Type: Brewpub

General Description: Portner Brewhouse is a brewery restaurant and Craft Beer Test Kitchen located in Alexandria, VA. The company celebrates and fosters the pursuit of the American Dream by showcasing the history and achievements of the Robert Portner Brewing Company and support aspiring brewers through its Craft Beer Test Kitchen.

Enjoy the past, present and future of craft along with German-American comfort classics. The casual brewpub atmosphere is adorned with original Portner artifacts (i.e. beer bottles, steins, advertising posters). Join us in celebrating and brewing local history!

Year Founded: 2017


Hofbrau Pilsner Pilsner - Other 5.9% 30 IBU
One of Robert Portner Brewing Company’s two flagship beers. This beer traveled far and wide, quenching thirsts from Virginia to Florida. It was transported by refrigerated railcars specially outfitted by Robert Portner. The beer itself is brewed with 6-row malted barley, corn, rice and Cluster hops. This historic hop variety was grown in New York State and provides a nice “bite” to this pre-Prohibition pilsner.

Portner Porter Porter - American 6.3% 31 IBU
Originally, porters were brewed with brown malt, as more sophisticated methods of malting had not been invented. In general, malted barley turned out much darker in comparison with today's pale malt. Our namesake porter embodies a balance of roastiness and coffee with a hint of chocolate.

Tivoli Cream Ale Cream Ale 5.1% 18 IBU
It’s “I LOV IT” backwards, so what’s not to like! A light, easy drinking ale with slight sweetness from flaked maize that was added to mash. Cream ale is a hybrid beer style that became popular as the push towards maintaining the flavor of a pilsner with the fermentation speed of an ale. Expect a smooth body and more solid head on this beer, hence the name “cream ale”.

Vienna Cabinet Lager Lager - Vienna 5% 24 IBU
The second of Robert Portner’s two flagship beers bearing the same name. This beer is an interpretation of a lager first brewed in Vienna that then traveled to the United States with German and Austrian immigrants. Aptly named Vienna and Munich malts accent both body and bright copper color. Hints of dark fruit and toffee linger.

Notable Non-Flagships:

Modera Pale Ale Pale Ale - American 5.1% 30 IBU
Light in color, this single hop American pale ale has a citrus, fruity aroma. The Modera Pale Ale maintains its malt backbone throughout the year but rotates hop varieties to showcase a unique flavor and aroma characteristics in appreciation of Alexandria's West End community diversity. Featured hop: Rotating

Brewmaster Seasonal Series - hold on to your socks! This bold beer will be released at the end of June 2017 and then return later this year after aging in bourbon barrels - it will be bock!

Growlers? Yes

Growler Hours: Same as business hours 

Monday - Thursday 4 PM - 11 PM 
Friday & Saturday 11 AM - Midnight
Sunday 11 AM - 11 PM 

Tours?: Yes, by request