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"Yeast-forward brewing" isn't something that one hears too often in the craft brewing world, and yet this is exactly what Right Proper Brewing Company accomplishes in the Shaw neighborhood of DC. Thor Cheston, Knight of the Belgian Brewers' Guild and former beer director of both Pizzeria Paradiso and Brasserie Beck, has teamed up with Rocklands Barbecue owner John Snedden have built a cozy neighborhood joint doubling as a brewpub.

At the helm of the brewing system is former local homebrewer, artisanal soda maker, and all-around zymurgist Nathan Zeender. The modest brewhouse pumps out a number of delicate, yet complex and comforting, brews in styles like patersbier, grisette, gratzer, saison, and even more well-known and assertive takes like hop-forward Ameerican pale.

Three different zones of the restaurant with distinct feels offer something new no matter where you stand. Meanwhile the kitchen pumps out mostly simple southern-inspired comfort food with a flair, a perfect complement to the beers.

Right Proper Brewing Company