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Name: Right Proper Brewing Company
Address: 624 T St NW (Brewpub); 920 Girard Street NE (Production house)
Type: Brewpub without production facility and expanded distribution

Year Founded: 2013

General Description: This neighborhood brew pub – the brainchild of Belgian beer knight (really) Thor Cheston, Rocklands BBQ founder John Snedden, and expert homebrewer and sour beer innovator Nathan Zeender – was built as an affordable neighborhood gathering place, but has quickly become one of the hottest spots in town. Located in the hip Shaw neighborhood, RP brings in big crowds with its Southern-inspired fare, well-curated cheese counter, and experimental beer catalog. Patrons can always expect something new on tap, whether it’s a resurrected Continental style, an all-Brettanomyces IPA, or a soured bier de miel; their “flagships” are simply those that appear most often. In 2015, the Right Proper Production House opened in Brookland, complete with a tap room of its own, and Right Proper's beers can now be found in beers all around the city. 


  • Raised by Wolves (Pale Ale / 5.0%): The juicy new world dry hops in Wolves may vary, but the high aromatic-to-bitterness ratio never wavers.
  • Ornette (Grisette / 3.7%): Grisettes are the wheaty, lower ABV cousins of saisons, and you can and should drink Right Proper’s by the boatload.
  • Häxan (Robus Porter / 5.5%): Think of your favorite malt flavor. Yup, it’s in there. Heavyweight depth in a middleweight class.

Notable Non-Flagships:

  • Kodachrome Dreaming (Radler / 4.5%): Brewed in partnership with DC’s own Mad Fermentationist, this radler-inspired beer marries tons of citrus zest with Australian and Kiwi hops.
  • Skibsol (Danish Ship Beer/ 3.3%): Smoky, rye-heavy Scandinavian beer style with super-low ABV. A truly unique beer that manages to be both interesting and tasty.

Growlers: Yes

Growler Hours: Opening Hours

Tours: No, but the brewery is visible behind the back bar.