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Cantillon Zwanze 2012 at ChurchKey

Once again, ChurchKey will be participating in the 2nd Annual Cantillon Zwanze Day. At 3pm on Saturday, December 1, ChurchKey will join only 33 other establishments worldwide (of which 15 others are located in the USA) in globally—and simultaneously—tapping a single keg of Cantillon's ever-elusive Zwanze Lambic-Blend Vintage 2012.
Cantillon is the most experimental of the very few remaining Belgian Lambic producers, a fact further evidenced by the launching of the innovative and boundary-pushing Zwanze-named Lambics, which began back in 2008. Each year's Zwanze is a completely different and unique exploration of the possibilities of Lambic, and this year’s vintage is a Rhubarb Lambic.
Cantillon owner and brewer, Jean Van Roy, upset by the bootlegging—and consequent price inflation—of Zwanze vintage 2010 bottles, has once again decided to keg 2/3 of the Zwanze 2012 (prior years were 80% bottled) and not even to sell any of the few remaining bottles at the brewery (the 600 bottles or so will only be available for tastings at Cantillon alone).
Jean has selected ChurchKey among the few bars, restaurants, brewpubs, and bottle shops across the world to serve 1 each of the miniscule amount of Zwanze 2012 kegs for Zwanze Day this year.
ChurchKey will also tap an extremely rare keg of unblended two-year-old Cantillon Lambic! Along with the Zwanze 2012 and Unblended Lambic on draft, they will be pouring tasters and full glass pours of Iris, Fou’Foune, Gueuze and Broucsella Grand Cru from bottle! Sidenote, if you haven't had Fou'foune, it is wonderful.
ChurchKey will open at 12pm on Saturday December 1. Zwanze 2012 will be tapped at 3pm; the additional Cantillon bottles and the Unblended Lambic draft will be available starting at 12 pm. There is no admission fee for the event. The Zwanze draft will be available on a first-come-first-served basis beginning at 3pm.
About Zwanze 2012:
From Jean Van Roy:
"Zwanze 2012 is a Lambic mixed with rhubarb. The process is the same as our fruit cuvees, like Lou Pepe or Fou’foune. An average of 300 grams of rhubarb per liter were added directly to 20 months old Lambic at the beginning of July 2012. The maturation took 2 months and we bottled/ kegged the beer on the 6th of September. Zwanze 2012 is fruity and dry with a very good balance between the Lambic acidity and the rhubarb acidity, and in many ways Zwanze 2012 resembles rhubarb wine.”
What is "Zwanze"?
From Jean Van Roy:
"To make a distinction between these experimental beers and Cantillon Brewery’s other products, in 2008 I made the decision to call this beer Zwanze.
Taken from the Dutch dialect spoken in Brussels, the word “zwanze” describes the typical humour of the city’s inhabitants, which is characterised by a finely balanced mix of self-deprecation and exaggeration. I quite like the idea of my lambic “Made in Brussels” having the same jovial and slightly derisive spirit as the people of Belgium’s capital city, and of it also taking a light-hearted look at these blends, which I admit can seem a bit strange at times."
The Cantillon Zwanze Day 2012 Lambic List:
  • Zwanze 2012 (Draft: Available at 3 pm)
  • Cantillon Unblended Two-Year-Old Lambic (Draft; Available at 12 pm)
  • Iris (Bottle; Available at 12 pm)
  • Fou’foune (Bottle; Available at 12 pm)
  • Broucsella Grand Cru (Bottle; Available at 12 pm)
  • Gueuze (Bottle; Available at 12 pm)
1337 14th Street NW
Washington, DC
United States
Saturday, December 1, 2012 -
12:00pm to 6:00pm