Weekend Plans: Festin' Round Town

The weekend is upon us and there are options for the frugal-minded and fest-lover alike. Be sure to check these great events out!


Town Tavern's Oktoberfest

3 Stars Brewing Prepares to Shine in the District

During the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, I had the good fortune to sit down to beers with Dave Coleman and Mike McGarvey at Wynkoop Brewing Company and talk about their upcoming brewing venture.

Stone's EPIC Churchkey Takeover

Hang onto your hats and put your other hand on a pint, DC craft beer fans! DCBeer.com has received word that something big, no, scratch that, huge, is brewing between Churchkey and Stone Brewing Co. Actually, huge may not even cover it.

Brau Down to Washington: Keeping it Local

Sounds of construction fill the air around Fort Lincoln, as a new brewery excitedly prepares to move in. DC Brau, a startup brewery with a passion for all things local, is moving in to a 6,112 square foot facility on Bladensburg Road starting August 1.


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