DCBeer Staff Reflects on the 2018 Year in Beer

Whoa, somehow it is 2019 already. Can you believe it? It doesn’t actually matter if you do or not, these are the facts. It will not surprise any diligent readers of this site to know that we have takes.

NRG’s Monstrous Event Shows DC Beer Scene What We’ve Become

It has never been like this before.

There are a lot of people in the DC area devoting column inches to this phrase or something like it these days, but when they do it, the tone tends to be rueful or concerned. You can almost hear the wringing of their hands.

Not me. I’m elated.

Year in Review, Beer in Review: 2017 at DCBeer

Did you know the number of breweries in the US has doubled since 2013? Just four years ago! There are breweries in Columbia, MD and Sterling, VA we’ve never heard of! Here’s a look back at local and national trends and news 2017 from the DCBeer staff.

The Haze


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