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Introducing the DCBeer Grain Bag! Get Your Submissions In Today!

You’ve got questions about beer. We know that because we get them on a weekly basis. Whether it’s about what bar can accommodate your husband’s 30th birthday party, how to get involved in homebrewing, or where to find certain beers, all kinds of burning inquiries wind up in our editor inbox. We love answering these questions and do our best to make sure everyone gets a response. Coincidentally, we’re also big fans of the “mailbag” format used by sites like Kissing Suzy Kolber, Deadspin, and even Tom Sietsema at The Washington Post.

So we’re introducing the DCBeer Grain Bag. Every week we’ll solicit your questions and then answer them the following week. Have questions about homebrewing, beer styles, bars and restaurants, or anything else craft beer related in DC? Have comments on experiences at craft beer bars or restaurants you’d like to share or make people aware of? Send it all on to editor@dcbeer.com or use the handy submission form below. Either way submissions will be kept anonymous when we answer questions.

As a staff we’re really looking forward to this new segment, and we hope you are too! Now get those submissions in! Cheers!

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