Rescheduled "Strong Ale" Tasting Tonight at The Brickskeller

Due to the nasty winter weather we have been experiencing this season, the Brickskeller’s second night of the Winter Strong Ale Tasting Extravaganzee has been rescheduled.  Originally slated for February 9th, this event will be held tonight, in the upstairs area of the bar.  Doors open

Play it Againn, Sam...

In celebration of George Washington's birth, local gastropub Againn will host their first annual Barley Wine Dinner, featuring acclaimed brews from both the United States and Europe, paired with standout British dishes.

Have a beer with......Bob Tupper

This edition of “Have a beer with” features Bob and Ellie Tupper. Bob and Ellie have been intimately involved in the DC beer scene for many years and offered us great details about their award-winning Hop Pocket Ale.

Beer Wars ! - Brewed in America

Hopefully everyone here has either seen or planning to see the craft beer documentary “Beer Wars”. It’s a great story about the entrepreneurial spirit, big beer business, and the marketing behind selling beer in America.

Snowpocalypse Part II (okay, now I really need a drink)

Here is a quick list of bars who have decided to open and feed you delicious craft beers.

Please be mindful that the staff at your local bar have braved the elements and potentially being eaten by a Yeti in order to serve you, so please tip generously.

Churchkey hosts 21st Amendment founder meet and greet tonight

During this brief break between snowstorms, you might want to venture out over the tundra to Churchkey and meet up with the founder of 21 Amendment, Nico Freccia. The San Fransisco brewmaster will be in town to discuss five of his beers that Churchkey will be graciously pouring on draft.

Toast the Snow!

OPM just let you out 4 hours early... now what? Fight the crowds at Whole Foods for the last roll of flax toilet paper? Re-watch season 3 of "Who's The Boss?" It is our duty to inform you that your local pub will be (or already is) open and waiting for you to come in and keep them company.

Flying Dog/Abita Tasting at Bell Wine & Spirits on Friday

Just in time for the big game weekend, Bell Wine & Spirits is sponsoring another beer tasting event.  On Friday, February 5th beginning at 5:00 p.m., the gentlemen at Bell will be pouring a substantial selection of Flying Dog and Abita beers, including:

Brickskeller Mystery Beer Tasting is Tonight

At least we are pretty sure. You see we haven't heard any other details about the Strong Ale Tasting. We know that it is happening at the Brickskeller and that 'multiple' brewmasters will be there serving up Winter Strong Ale. What are the beers? Who are the brewers?


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