Emily Snoek

Job Title: 
Staff Writer

Emily hails from the beer utopia that is Michigan, but meager funds limited her to keg beer and Smirnoff until she moved to the District in 2013. With a little more cash in her pocket, and a palate that demanded something beyond PBR and Miller Lite, she started trying every craft beer she could get her hands on. And while non-craft beers of course have their occasions, she has found that DC has enough breweries, beer bars, and fellow beer nerds to (almost) rival the Mitten. Beyond the obvious superiority of craft beer to nearly all other beverages, the true driver of Emily's passion for beer stems from its ability to bring communities together. The breweries that call the District home, and the people behind them, help drive the local economy, support one another, and make the city an even better place to live.

Here are some of Emily's current favorites: Dogfish Head Aprihop, Bell's Best Brown, Founder's Red Rye IPA, Port City Porter, Bluejacket Forbidden Planet, and Bell's Two Hearted.

Find Emily on Twitter: @lentilstweets