Hellbender Brewing Company

The District’s newest brewery. Hellbender (named after the largest salamander in North America) uses a mash filter system that allows it to be more efficient with grain, water, and energy than other breweries. Ben Evans and Patrick Mullane, the co-owners, have been homebrewing together for almost ten years. They’re committed to producing a number of styles at their brewery and “have created every recipe as an artistic interpretation of an existing style, and refined it with years of fine tuning and tasting. Lots of tasting.”

Name: Hellbender Brewing Company

Year Founded: 2014

Type: Production brewery


Neighborhood: District of Columbia

Address: 5788 2nd Street NE, Washington, DC



  • Bare Bones (Kolsch / 5%) – Traditional German Kolsch using ale yeast and fermented at lager temperatures. Crisp, floral, and spicy

  • Red Line Ale (American Amber Ale / 6%) – Rich toffee malt backbone with orange and citrus hop finish

  • Eft (India Pale Ale / 6.8%) – Citrus, floral, and pine notes from a large late-boil hop addition

Notable Non-Flagships:

  • Triturus (Hefeweizen / 4.9%) – Traditional hefeweizen that leans more toward clove than banana

  • Southern Torrent (Saison / 5.5%) – “Finishes crisp and dry with hints of pear, citrus and apple in the aroma. Uncharacteristically low fermentation temperatures bring out the floral and funky aromas from our unique Belgian yeast strain”

  • Pitchfork (Pumpkin Ale / 6%) – “Think of a rich, dry and malty German Marzen, add freshly ground fall spices and real pumpkin, and you have this robust yet refreshing ale that is the embodiment of the harvest season.”

Growlers: Yes

Growler Hours:

Thursday: 5-8p, Friday 5-8p, Saturday 1-6p

Tours: Tours are available at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm & 5pm every Saturday unless otherwise posted.

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